Perfume Musk

Perfume Musk

Designer Perfumes the Animal Within

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In this and subsequent articles we will examine some of the fragrances used in mens designer perfumes. We will discuss the key animal ingredients in many of mens fragrances, why they are used and most importantly, how they can impact the opposite sex! Today we will concentrate on Musk!

Many of the scents used predominantly in mens designer perfumes have their origins from animals! One of the most important fragrances is “Musk”. Musk is perhaps the most powerful of all perfume fragrances, and the most expensive. Now, when I was a teenager (many years ago!) I would think to myself, “Why would I want to smell like a musk ox” (not to be confused with a big lumm-ox, also known as my brother!)? Now the scent of musk does not really come from a musk ox, but it does come from an animal, the male musk deer. At least the original musk scent came from the musk deer.

Eventually, they started using other musk-like scents from other animals, such as the North American muskrat (sounds like a terrific scent doesn’t it!), the Musk Duck (no relation to Donald!) from Australia, the musk shrew, the musk beetle and several other animal, insects and even plants.

Now you may ask, “What is so special about musk? As a man why would I care?” Well, musk has some unique properties.

It’s most important property is that of a “fixative.” In the perfume industry, a fixative is a natural or synthetic substance with a very low volatility used to reduce the evaporation rate and improve stability when added to more volatile components. This allows the final product to last longer while keeping its original fragrance. Fixatives are indispensable in the perfume industry. Musk is an excellent fixative, and is exceptionally long lasting. It is due to this property, that it is found in 35% of mens perfumes and in nearly 90% of all designer perfumes.

Musk oils and their ability to excite have been used for centuries. They are used in minute concentrations because of their overpowering odor. When they are diluted to the right proportion, they give a glorious effect. They give the scent a richness and warmth that only an animal note can give.

Musk oils are chemically very close to our own sexual aromas or pheromones. You may not even be aware of its fragrance, but when wearing it, your body chemistry is releasing this sensual aroma of musk and it will be working its magic on all those around you.

Until the late nineteenth century, musk oils were only obtained from natural resources. However, perfumery grew rapidly and the musk producing animals were getting wiped out. Science however, came to the rescue. A synthetic compound, called Muscone, replaced the need to kill the musk deer. Today, almost all musk like scents used are synthetic compounds.

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