Candle Scents


When most people decide to begin making candles as a hobby or as a way to make extra money they are unsure of how to make soy candles. While the process for making soy candles can be a little more involved than the process for making paraffin candles, the extra time and effort needed to make these types of candles is well worth it.

Essentially, the basic formula for making soy candles is combining the wax with a dye and a fragrance. The materials needed to make soy candles can be purchased in local hobby shops and some materials can even be purchased via the Internet. For most people, learning how to make candles is both satisfying and rewarding.

The materials needed to begin making your candles are: soy wax, containers for the candles (i.e. mason jars or votive molds), candlewicks, fragrance oil, and various colors of candle dye. Additional materials that can be helpful during the process include: double boiler, thermometer, wire whisks, cookie sheets, and glass measuring cups.

While the wax comes in both block and flake form, most soy candle makers prefer to use soy wax flakes when making candles. When purchasing the fragrance oils for the candles, candle makers need to be sure that the oil is compatible with soy wax. Candle dyes come in different forms, and candle makers can determine which type of dyes will work best for them. Forms of candle dyes include: wax dye blocks, dye chips, and concentrated liquids.

The instructions for how to make your candles are fairly straightforward, but careful attention should be given to the temperature of the wax while heating. Once the wax has melted, color can then be added. Once the color has been added, the fragrance can then be added to the candle. The soy wax can then be poured into the containers chosen by the candle maker. While the wax is cooling in the container, the wick can be placed in the candle.

There are excellent reasons to learn how to make candles. Soy candles burn twice as long as other wax candles because they burn at lower temperatures. Soy candles do not product residue as do many other types of candles. Additionally, for those that learn how to make these candles being able to add their own detail to their beautiful, handcrafted, homemade candles is worth the extra work to make soy candles.