Whether you’re breathing in the sweet, mild aroma of wild flowers on a balmy day or the heady fragrance of gardenias in a tropical garden you’ll find the world is full of scents to tantalize your senses.

From decorative or theraputic candles to exotic perfumes that weave a magic spell of romance you’re drawn into the world of scents and sensualities. It’s a willing captivity. You don’t even try to fight it. Why should you? As the fragrances weave their magic you’re taken to new heights of health, attraction and romance.

These fragrances, mixed with human pheromones, subtly scented with essential oils of nature are sure to take you into the world of romance.

This site is all about the wonderful scents and sensualities of nature. You’ll find you824640_candle_lightr questions answered and lots of resources to get your own supply of essential oils, pheromones, parfume and candle making supplies to whet your sensual appetite.


Fragrant Perfumes and Oils

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