Yves Saint Perfume for Women

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How Good is Yves Saint Laurent Makeup?

Author: Richard Runion

The cosmetics industry generates a turnover of billions of dollars. The standards for beauty have been set by Hollywood and Fashion; people appear to agree unanimously, with their taste. Makeup is not restricted to any age group of women. Most women accord importance to appearing fashionable.

A hundreds years ago, there was a snob value attached to the use of cosmetics, by women. Then films and television made their appearance and the use of cosmetics by movie stars helped increase the popularity of cosmetics, among people.

The cosmetics industry got a boost after World War II when the concept of flawless beauty was promoted aggressively through advertising. Thus, women around the world were convinced that cosmetics could make them look more beautiful.

Yves Saint Laurent, one of the leaders in the cosmetic industry, manufacture a wide range of products including perfumes, accessories, makeup, jewelry and fashion wear. They also have specialized makeup kits aimed at improving the user’s overall looks, complexion, eyes, lips, and nails. These comprise of products like foundations, blushers, moisturizers, eye shadow, eye liner, lipstick, and others items like brush, etc.

Enhancer Oil Free is one such product from the company the use of which is claimed to strengthen the natural glow of the skin, using an anti-free radical ingredient which is known to protect skin. It helps reduce dark spots and imperfections and smoothen skin texture. Also, it has a fresh fragrance.

For eyes they offer Aqua resistant Mascara; its wheat germ and apricot seed contents are said to condition the user’s eye lashes. The lashes are claimed to be softened by the water resistant formula, and the product is also said to prevent dehydration. As a result, the lashes appear longer and beautifully separated.

‘Eyeliner Moire’ is a liquid eyeliner by Yves Saint Laurent that comes in several shades like chocolate, burgundy, gold, bronze, steel, moss and marine. A built in flexibility brush to apply the eyeliner is also provided. For better results start from the base of the lashes and go to the outer corner

Eclat de Givre’ is an Eye Shadow that comes as a powder, which converts into a cream on application. Eye shadows consist of three parts: a liquid foundation, a highlighter and the final main color. The liquid foundation is normally a light taupe and it provides the base for the eye shadow to cling on to; it also reflects the true color of the eye shadow.

Make up tends to fade during the course of a day, and needs to be removed daily to get rid of dust and pores. The company produces an eye makeup remover titled, ‘Instant Pur’.

Some precautions can help enhance cosmetic use. For instance, you should never share your cosmetics with other users. Sharing cosmetics can increase the risk of contamination and contribute to bacterial buildup. Each person has different skin bacteria; hence, sharing with your sister at home or with a friend at work can lead to infection. Replace all cosmetics, within six months.

Never use old applicators like a brush or spoon in a fresh cosmetic product. The applicator will transfer bacteria to the new cosmetic. Don’t use a makeup if odor develops or the color changes. This happens as a result of degradation of preservatives and the preservatives may no longer be able to fight bacteria.

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Yves Saint Perfume For Women
Yves Saint Perfume For Women

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