Worlds Strongest Pheromones

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can anyone tell me what the strongest pheromone perfume is in the world?

not just straight pheromone womens perfume.

There are only two really good sources for pheromone products….Love Scent and Androtics Direct. The most effect woman’s product is put out by Androtics Direct and is called “Instant Sexiness”. For only like $14 you can get a small “togo” bottle of this product….enough to test it out for several weeks.

There are many different pheromone products. Instant Sexiness increases attractiveness. While something like Instant Openess increases people’s (both men and women’s) desire to want to talk to you and be social.

The best place to find out which pheromones do what is the Pherotalk forum. Read the sticky posts at the top of the Woman’s forum.

Pheromone products, by the way, aren’t more effective if they are “stronger”, and by that I mean with a higher concentration of ingredients. It’s the correct combination of pheromones (there are many types), in the proper ratio, put together by someone who knows what they are doing. Androtics Direct is the best at that. They have the most effective formulas.

A comparison to Men’s pheromones products will get to the heart of the matter. One of the major pheromones used in Men’s products is Androstenone. In small quantities, this chemical excites women, usually sexually. However, too much frightens and/or angers people. One of the more popular products is Primal Instinct….which is basically a high concentration of Androstenone. Although moderately effective, it is very easy to overdose on this product and get undesirable effects. Better products have other pheromones in the mix that mitigate these negative effects and enhance the positive effects. For example, the Ammunittion product from Androtics Direct has less Androstenone in it then Primal Instinct but it is a FAR more effective product because of what else is in it and in the right combination and ratios.

Many products out there are scams (no actual pheromones in them). But also, some products are legitimate, but not very effective because the manufacturer doesn’t understand how best to combine different pheromones.

Most, if not all the pheromones from Love Scent are legitimate. But the most effective products are made by the experts at Androtics Direct.

Worlds Strongest Pheromones
Worlds Strongest Pheromones

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