Women Pheromones

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Pheromones come in different forms and types. It is not just a single thing that comes in various brands. In fact, there are actually five types of pheromones that will be discussed below. 


The first pheromone women get attracted to is the “androstenone”. This one is found in low levels in the sweat and urine of men. It gets the attention of women that is studied to have caused them an increase in sexual tension and arousal. The effect it creates for men though is aggression since it can create for them an intimidating and dominant aura. The next type, and read it well since it may look the same at first glance but it is a different type of those pheromones out there that can induce an effect on women, the “androsterone”. This type of pheromone women get attracted to promotes in them a certain sense of trust even if the male is a complete stranger. It provides for males the dominant and masculine appeal leaving the intimidation and aggression effect given by the first type, androstenone. It also allows for the non-threatening alpha male profile. It gives the males the aura of leadership and safety as well as his ability to protect the women and his reliability. These traits are more associated with the peaceful alpha male profile.


Another same sounding type is the “androstenol”. This is otherwise called the icebreaker pheromone women may find interesting since it triggers friendliness and chattiness. Like other pheromones, it allows for the increase in sexual attractiveness of the male. Different effects are produced by the 2 types of “s” compound found in the androstenol, the beta and the alpha isomers. The latter allows for the friendly, more approachable and less intimidating impression. Little is known of the former type but that it enhances the latter to give that feeling of comfort and friendliness. Androstenol also produces the effect of being healthy and young.


A pheromone that is said to be a testosterone (sex hormone) derivative is the “androstadienone”. It affects women’s brain activity and elevates her mood. It also gives them a reduced feeling of tension and nervousness. The last type is the “oxytocin analog” which gives the feelings of deep connection and trust.


If you are a female, you may now determine which type of pheromone has a strong effect on you. If you are a male and you are sensitive enough to know how you woman feels for you, then you may realize what type of pheromone you naturally have.

For more information on the type of pheromone women get attracted to, visit the author’s pheromones resource site.

Women Pheromones
Women Pheromones

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