Woman Eau De Toilette

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What is a nice, clean and fresh smelling Eau de Toilette for women?

I like that Baby Phat stuff, but it smells sour on me. Any suggestions?

You should check out Demeter fragrances. They don’t call them eau de toilettes, I think they call them pick-me-up cologne sprays, but it’s the same thing essentially. They are an awesome, funky fragrance company that makes sprays and other things based on real-life scents, and they are so fun! You might have to look around where you live to find a place where you can sample it, but their website (demeterfragrance.com) will show you all of the scents they offer. My favorite is Gin & Tonic. It smells so fresh and clean…everyone loves it and I get a lot of comments on it because it is very light and subtle. Laundromat is also a good one, it’s a bit more sweet though. Rain is another good one to check out. I haven’t smelled the Baby Phat one you are talking about, but I also love scents like the one you described. Check out Demeter…if for no other reason, it is fun to go to their website and read all the funky fragrances they have 🙂

Woman Eau de Toilette
Woman Eau de Toilette

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