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How To Make Eau de Cologne At Home – Some Simple Methods

Author: Abhishek Agarwal

Eau de cologne, or water of cologne, is an alcohol based perfume. It can be used by men or women and is the kind of perfume most often chosen for day time wear because it is light in fragrance. The alcohol base makes it evaporate quickly into the air. It does not have the long lingering fragrance of more concentrated perfumes that are great for night time wear but a bit over powering for the office.

An eau de cologne can be made quite simply at home. All you need to do is to add some essential oils to some alcohol. You may like to dilute the finished product with water. Keep it in a dark glass bottle or if you use a clear bottle protect it from sunlight. A bottle with a spray bulb is a good idea but you can also just splash it on. Avoid contact with the eyes because it will sting. If you do get it your eyes wash them with plenty of water.

For your home made eau de cologne you can either buy essential oils ready made or make your own plant extracts by soaking rose petals, lavender or other flowers in alcohol. The best source of alcohol for this purpose is vodka which is very pure and contains no contaminents. Even spices and fruits can be soaked in this way. They will add their distinctive warm, woody, spicy fragrance to your finished eau de cologne.

Ready made essential oils can be bought at health food shops. They come in tiny dark glass bottles to protect them from the light. They usually have a dropper in the top because you only need to use one or two drops at a time.

Make a blend of essential oils in your alcohol base and you will have a distinctive eau de cologne that no one else will be wearing this season. It will take little practice to get it just right but with time you will become an expert at blending the oils to creat a home made eau de colgne that has the perfect combination of floral high notes and woody base notes.

It sounds like music, I know, and that is the way you must think about cologne when you are making it. You want a satisfying, harmonious melody of perfume in your eau de cologne. Some essential oils are light and airy. These are usually the floral ones. Others are heavier. These are often the woody ones. Some come in between.

If you mix all three components in your perfume you will have an eau de cologne that lasts well. This is because some essential oils are more volatile than others. They begin to evaporate at different temperatures. The lightest ones appear first and the heaviest ones only become apparent as your body heats gets to work on them.

Blending is the tricky part of making eau de cologne. You must always test the finished product on your skin because only then will you get the full effect. It is your body heat that makes the blend work.

After a time you will begin to learn what blends work best. As your expertise grows you will be able to mix very subtle blends. You will find that making your own eau de cologne at home opens up a new world of perfumes to you.

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Water Cologne

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