Vivienne Westwood Perfume

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Does my perfume vivienne westwood boudoir expire?

I was given a vivienne westwood boudoir by some random person because my house burnt down and they gave me a bag of stuff. The bottle is half empty. The scent is very strong and I do like the smell of it, it’s just different than my other perfumes. Is it possible that it could have expired/went bad? I dont know how old it is so.. yeah. I dont want to use it if its rotten!

Sorry to hear about your house.. hope you feel better..

Its a girl’s perfume, i’m not sure if you still want to use it. The color should be light shade of pink for fresh bottles.

I just got a new bottle last month cuz it came highly recommended (i’ve been told guys like it) unfortunately i didn’t like it. You can have mine, its new and i’ve only use it 4 times. 🙂

Vivienne Westwood Perfume
Vivienne Westwood Perfume

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