Versace Woman Perfume

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What’s the perfume you’ve ever smelt?

I’m a perfume addict!!!..i can instantly tell what someone is wearing lol

btw my fav 1s are…

Issey Miyake
Alien by Theirry Mulgar
DnG The One
Moschino Couture
Versace (Women/Bright Crystal/Versus)
Dng Light Blue

Issey Miyake
Sean John Unforgivable
CK One

My favorites are:
For women:
Calvin Klein Euphoria Blossom –the scent is simply amazing. I love to wear it. It is very sexy and sophisticated scent. Also Davidoff Cool Water is very nice buy more common than Calvin Klein Euphoria Blossom. Another good perfumes are Burberry Brit and Armani Diamonds.
For Men:
Armani Mania is great. Also Armani Diamond (I prefer Diamond to Mania). They are both great.

Versace Woman Perfume
Versace Woman Perfume

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