Versace Perfumes

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There are about 21 women’s perfumes and 11 men’s colognes that carry the Versace label. Global fashion consumers really trust every product that comes from this popular fashion house. When the designer and founder of the brand was murdered in 1997, many thought the brand would perish. However, the exact opposite happened. Now, Gianni Versace would surely be proud of how his legacy for the global fashion industry lives on.

Gianni Versace is one of the most interesting and popular fashion designers of his generation. Like most other known fashion designers, who established their own fashion lines, he started humbly as well. At the age of 25, he started fashion designing and was hired by various house of designs of that time. He struggled in the fashion world until he was able to launch his own boutique in 1978. Via della Spiga in Milan, Italy was the site of his first fashion endeavor.

Since then, he succeeded in being one of the worlds leading global fashion houses. The name speaks out for itself and is almost synonymous to unparalleled and very exquisite fashion. Just like other fashion houses, this brand became a name to rely on when it comes to makeup, premium clothing, cosmetics, and accessories and of course, perfume.

Versace took the lead of other fashion designers in creating his own line of perfume. He was one of the believers that total getup could never be complete if the person would not feel overall confidence. Good smell is among the factors that make up and boost a person’s confidence. Thus, when the brand established itself as a fashion necessity, the company moved in to create unique fragrances that would match the beauty and sophistication of the clothes it created.

To date, Versace perfumes are among the most popular worldwide. Fashion icons and consumers all around the world are always checking out for any of the brands fragrances out in the market. In fashion clothing, Versace is truly a name of authority. When it comes to perfumes, it is the brand name people could always rely to. Gianni Versace must be proud of his creations.

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Versace Perfumes
Versace Perfumes

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