Versace Cologne

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Best Selling Mens Cologne and Womens Perfume

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Personal hygiene is the most important thing for everybody. That’s why a good bath is advised but it protects you from the woes of bad odor only for short while. At this point, deodorants, perfumes and colognes come in action. The use of fragrance has now become widespread because smell has much long lasting memory impression as compared to face or name. So not only women also men should relish this luxurious experience to seek remarkable freshness throughout. This is here, “> mens cologne comes into existence.

Wearing cologne for a specific occasion is an art. It should always be in accordance to wearer’s personality, character, body scent and skin chemistry as not only you are affected by the fragrance you apply also the people who are exposed to it. So always be choosy about the exotic essence.

One of the best selling fragrances in the market is Versace. Versace is an Italian design house founded by Gianni Versace in 1978. Versace fragrance is offered in many types for men and women. Few of the best selling products offered by the great brand are:-

Blue Cologne Jeans Versace

Versace Red Jeans Perfume

Cologne Jeans Metal Versace

New Versace Perfume etc

Versace cologne is just not meant to conceal body odor, but provide a fresh and attractive look. It emits a deep vibrant fragrance of oak moss with warmth of guaiac wood. It is highly consistent fragrance meant to revive your senses with its pure masculine strength. Cologne jeans metal Versace, launched in 2000, is a rich, wonderful scent enclosed in a very stylish metal bottle. It enriches you with the power of metal that attracts women’s like magnets. It simply adds confidence and improves your body language and boosts your love life with the incredible blend of musk, amber, vanilla, freesia, jasmine, nutmeg and many more. They are manufactured by unique process of alcohol and fragrance oil dilution where jasmine, lavender and orchid extracts are mainly the base of fragrance oil.

Versace also offers Versace womens perfume. It possesses a gorgeous floral scent of raspberry, plum, roses and cassis. Introduced in 2000, it is a perfect feminine scent composed of oriental flowers and fragrant woods to attract every heart. It’s a pure delicate scent result of a sheer fusion.

Gals are more attracted to guys who are conscious about style and fashion, so choose Versace and pamper yourself with the exotic fragrances. But always have perceiveness regarding ingredients as these elements certify the hallmark of scents and duration of their stay. Choose a one that helps you to become desirable in every eye.

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Versace Cologne
Versace Cologne

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