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Sweetness of Gwen Stefani and Vera Wang Princess Perfume

Author: Marcia Henin

The thought of perfumes makes the whole atmosphere fragrant. In the preparation of perfumes in the ancient times, spices and herbs were being used. Some of the aromatic substances used in perfumes in ancient times were citrus and jasmine.


The basis of fragrances in ancient times was insense and essential oils of aromatic plants. Ancient rulers and emperors were fond of perfumes. Perfumes are a product that spread bliss of aroma and enhances the feeling of the skin.


The debut of Gwen Stefani perfume goes beyond her iconic musical style. The Gwen Stefani perfume breaks all boundaries of fashion. The signature fragrance of Gwen Stefani is a fusion of masculine and feminine with a luscious floral scent, which bursts with sparkling freshness. The fragrance of Gwen Stefani wraps people, who wear it with the warmth of sensual musks.


Gwen Stefani has a new range of Lovers perfumes. The bottle of this Gwen Stefani Lovers perfume looks similar to a harajuku girl. Gwen Stefani perfume comes in the set of five bottles or a single bottle. Gwen Stefani perfume is available at all leading stores.


Sweetness of Vera Wang Princess Perfume:


Vera Wang princess perfume introduced a new Princess fragrance. This perfume gives women a sense of freedom as though they are hanging from a chandelier or sliding down a banister or standing in a field gathered with wildflowers. This perfume has the fragrance of spirit and confidence.


Vera Wang perfume is a daytime perfume. The Vera Wang princess perfume has a radiant and whimsical touch to it. This Perfume has the sparkle of Lady Apple and Waterlily fragrances. It contains a layer of Ripe Pink Guava and Tahitian Tiare Flower. The bottle is in the form of Jewel Cut and has the shape of a heart. The top of the bottle has a gold crown cap decorated with purple gems.


Princess perfume has an attitude in its fragrance. Princess perfume has a unique sense of style about a woman, who has a zest to live. Women who use this perfume get a feeling of born to rule.

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Vera Wang Perfumes
Vera Wang Perfumes

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