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Women who wear tuscany per donna by estee lauder?

Tuscany per donna is my moms favorite fragrance of all time. As you may know, it is discontinued… however I was able to find a bottle that had seem to have gone unnoticed at a store i was at the other day. i purchased it for her for her birthday and bought the shower gel on ebay. I just received the shower gel and it is almost a pink-amber ish color. Is that the color it is supposed to be? Also, at first it smells like the fragrance but it seems to almost have an “after-smell” of regular hand soap. and the contents settle easily. Is this because of the age of the product or something? Was I gypped? i am trying to locate one of my moms old bottles to compare it to, but so far have only found the lotion.
The seller was a very reputable one with almost a perfect feedback score. But i’m still a little uneasy about it. Did the ebayer scam me? HELP PLEASE!
thanks. I can’t believe I didn’t think of calling the company. wow. lol

Call the company and ask them personally. They are the best ones to ask since they manufacture the product. Try customer service at 1-877-311-3883 or (212) 572-3983. I found that number on the Estee Lauder website. If that isn’t the right number, ask them who you can contact regarding this issue. They should be able to point you in the right direction at least. Plus, they usually stand behind their products. So, if you have a defective item they might offer to send you another bottle if you return the one you have. I don’t think I would mention to them that I purchased it from ebay though. Just tell them you got it as a gift or something.

Also, come out and tell the Ebay seller what the problem is and they might send you another bottle for free. I’ve had that happen to me before. Just tell them you think the shower gel is old and gunky looking. Products like that can expire. I always ask for the expiration date on makeup etc. before I purchase it from ebay.

Good Luck!

Tuscany Per

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