Tsar Van

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Should it be Edwin Van Der Tsar?

What was he doing when the Russians scored, he didn’t even attempt to move from his line… do you reckon he’s passed it or Romans offered him a Russian title thrown in with some roubles
VDS is really useless another goal he’s let in when his positioning is questionable , obviously he’s protected well at Man u is all I can say!
Tevez 32 yeah I’m the one who’s useless.. good answer from you! who’s talking about Almunia, I do critisize my players when it’s warranted you’re just looking through your red glasses as usual don’t know why you bother to come on my threads, was he not at fault for any of ther goals then?

yea i know wot u mean but u have to admit he had some pretty good saves as well! but in the end it still doesn’t pay off!

Tsar Van

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