Truth Calvin

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Was Calvin’s method of proclaiming truth different form most of today’s preachers?

I am fascinated by this debate. Why is it various sides had so many people persuaded as compared to today? Is Biblical truth handled differently

“Not long after this the Roman Catholic priests of the nearby city of Lausanne were challenged to a public debate by the Reformers. Of 337 priests only 174 arrived and only 4 had any ability to defend their doctrine. Farel and Viret, a foremost Swiss Reformer of those times, were the spokesmen for the Bible. They took Calvin with them as an observer as he had no experience of these debates. The debate went on for several days. One priest in defence of transubstantiation started to quote from the Early Church Fathers. Farel and Viret were unable to handle this and looked to Calvin for help. Standing up, the latter proceeded to quote from memory passages from the Early Church Fathers, giving the exact source in each case. It was an amazing display of learning and had an electrifying effect on the assembly. The opposition was completely confounded. One priest was converted immediately. As a result of this astonishing performance not only did Lausanne turn Protestant but 200 priests renounced the Roman Catholic Church.”

200 out of 337 priests renounced transubstantiation in favor of the Bbilical view of communion… why don’t we see that today?

I think that today people are preaching a ‘Different Gospel’.

A lot of what is being preached,is not the truth and it is just a watered down version.

Calvin preached the whole truth of God, and people were warned about what was to befall them if they didn’t repent and believe.

Today, it is like a mushy sort of Gospel, which isn’t the Truth.

God does not love everyone.

God has elected some to Eternal life

and some to Eternal Damnation.

I pray that the Spirit of God will work upon the people of the world and men will seek out the Biblical Truth as once did men like John Calvin.

Truth Calvin

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