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What is the true star sign for babies born by c-section?

I understand the concept of babies born prematurely to be the star sign in which they are born, because that is when THEY choose to come in to the world. BUT, what if the child was born by ceasarean? They are pulled into the world before they are ready, so would their TRUE sign be their due date or would you stilll class their star sign as the sign they were “born” under?
In addition, for a better explaination to the reason of my question: If the baby is frank breech and the reason for the c-section is because today’s doctor’s aren’t confident in delivering a baby butt first. The hospital decided on the time of the delivery. Not an emergency c-section.
And what if the parents are the ones who decide when they want to have the baby? Elective surgery (because it suits the parents and their “schedule”)…

due dates are never that accurate, the time of the actual birth is what counts. i was also delivered by c-section 46 years ago, because i wanted to greet the world butt first, and i was not born prematurely.i asked my astrologer the same question, the time of birth (no matter the circumstances) is what is relevant to do your natal chart, and determining your ascendent.

True Star

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