Ted Lapidus

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Where can I buy authentic Ted Lapidus sunglasses?

Like the one’s Lo Bosworth is wearing here:


I don’t want cheap target or forever 21 sunglasses.
If these aren’t Ted Lapidus, can someone tell me who the designer really is?

If im not mistaken Ted Lapidus is a French designer. I have a dress shirt thats ted lapidus that my french penpal gave me. I tried looking them up and I couldnt find them, most ted lapidus stores are in europe. However Armani exchange, dolce and gabbana, coco chanel, and Dior are alternatives and are even more high class than Lapidus. Be prepared to spend between $70-$200 on them though and if im not mistaken all of those designers with the exception of dolce are european designers, mostly french

Ted Lapidus

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