Sweet Candles

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Think of bees. What is the first thing that comes to your mind? Well, there are people who may think of the sting that the bees have however that may only account for a small number of the population. To most people, when they think of bees, they think of something sweet.

Well, the truth is, bees are the ones who are in charge of harvesting nectar from the flowers which they turn into honey. And as we all know, honey is a natural sweeter and is also very healthy. This is why many people would rather have honey than have sugar.

But honey is not the only thing that bees have produced. See, these very hard working insects have also been the source of organic beeswax. And this kind of natural wax is used in creating organic beeswax candles. This type of candle is called such because not only are they organic and natural, they also are made from 100% pure beeswax. And we have to thank the bees for that.

Because the bees work with flowers day in and day out, the kind of beeswax that they produce is affected by this. However, do not take that negatively. See, if you will notice organic beeswax candles, they are usually yellowish in color. The hues may change but it is unmistakably yellow in color. This is because of the pollen that gets stuck to the legs of the bees. Now that pollen, when mixed with the wax, gives it a yellow tinge. That is natural color and there is no need for you to mix in natural dyes or anything to that effect.

Another feature that you will notice about organic beeswax candles is that they give off this sweet scent. That scent is not your ordinary kind of scent that can be harsh to the senses. This one is softer and is more natural. And indeed, it is really natural because natural beeswax has this kind of scent.

Organic beeswax candles have been one of the most favorite types of natural candles in the market. This is so because they are totally natural and you can be sure that no dye, color, chemical, or fragrance has been added to it. And that is as natural as it can get. You can be sure that you are getting totally clean, pure, and natural candles. That is something that is hard to find.

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Sweet Candles
Sweet Candles

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