Sweet Almond Essential Oils

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Where to buy sweet almond oil in Atlanta?

I need next essential oils:
citrus paradisi, zingiber officinale, lavandula officinalis, citrus limonum, pinus sylvestris and sweet almond oil.
Is there any store located in Atlanta that I can smell and try these essentials? If really no, let me know the good quality store on internet. Thanks.

I can’t tell you about a store in Atlanta, but I can tell you about a website that can supply what you are looking for. I suspect that Atlanta has a retail store that carries the essential oils you are looking for, they are fairly common. The concern with buying essential oils off the shelf is that you really don’t know how often the rep comes, how old they are and under what conditions they are stored, and store employees are likely unaware. The Almond oil should be easy to find, large grocery stores carry gourmet cooking oils.
Good luck

Sweet Almond Essential Oils
Sweet Almond Essential Oils

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