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how do i get that glossy flawless face without make up, like this model?

I really wanna have a super flawless face and a glossy one.I saw several people having a clear glossy face(not oily) but kinda shiny but they dont have foundation on? Is it because of a treatment like from a dermatologist or is it because of the moisturizer? I wanna get that shiny skin (not oily), I have a bit dry skin and I tried putting Olay Lotion on my face, its better than plain moisturizers, but I still dont get the “gloss” ummm do you have any idea? what moisturizer? Kindly check the link below and see what Im talkin about, look at the model’s skin before she had make up on.thanks so much in advance 🙂

her skin just looks really oily
but i know what you mean
you want a dewy look ( not exactly like the video, better)

first you can try putting on lotion while your skin is damp/ wet

that helps alot

heres a website helping you to get that dewy look ;],,rm05,00.html
good luck♥

Super Model Lotion
Super Model Lotion

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