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Aquolina Perfume and Aquolina Cologne

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The definition of natural perfumery differs depending on the artist and enthusiast. When you know how to make odor there are no limits of designs and designers. Aquolina Perfume and Aquolina Cologne are the part of best design through designer Aquolina. Those are the natural perfumes more complex than the blends used in aroma therapy. He is top brand manufacturer always have to keep the acceptance habits of men and women in mind when he create their range of floral and Aquolina fragrances. It is always a passion, sometimes a hobby, often a way of life and both an old and a new art form. These can be oils like Sandalwood oil, patchouli oil, Benzoin, Orange oil, Grapefruit, Rose oil, Jasmine, Clary Sage, Bergamot, and Lavender amongst other essential oils. In the recent years designer Aquolina introduced their very first perfume and colognes with Pink Sugar floral. By strict definition natural perfumery uses only natural botanical ingredients and a few animal derived substances such as beeswax. This scent also comes in a shimmering roll on aroma. 

He believes that all odors are not suited for all occasions and age groups and consider also the season. So he designed various types of fragrances. Blue Sugar is a gourmand scent created to accompany the highly successful Pink Sugar female scent. It was a good practice for designer Aquolina to follow certain guidelines to help ensure you that not only get good and best scented odors as well. There are a lot of factors to consider. In addition to line of yogurt based bath and body products called Aquolina Yogurt and a skincare line for teens called Aquolina Viso. He also carries other offshoots that include hair care, lip gloss, body mousse and shower gels. Aquolina perfumes and Aquolina colognes are treasured as the richest, most luxurious, and amazing way to wear a scent. His floral with botanical ingredients include essential oils but may also include concretes and absolutes which are natural plant essences extracted using organic solvents. 

Essential oils are steam distilled from plant material. Organic solvents provide the best extractions for substances like jasmine, rose, and other delicate floral that may be difficult to steam distill. When a plant material is extracted it generally provides a solid, waxy blend of the soluble material call the concrete. During the summer, fresh, fruity, and floral fragrances work best and are suited for the season. Spicier and warmer cents are more appropriate for the colder months. Very few people react negatively to the completely natural, botanical ingredients in a natural odor. Before selecting a particular such perfume makes sure to apply a tiny bit on your skin to see whether the aroma is suitable to your skin or not with tester of the brand. Aquolina Perfume and Aquolina Cologne can use from anyone at anywhere with different wear times such as daytime, evening, night, romantic, casual, occasional and etc. Your fragrance reveals a lot about your personality, or what you want it to be. An exquisite collection featuring four of the world favorite fragrances are White Linen, Youth Dew, Beautiful, and Pleasures.

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Sugar Aquolina

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