Style Play

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How difficult or easy is it to change the style of play for someone like Nadal?

Like for example Nadal plays a pushing style of play where he wears out the opponent and then make him commit errors.

Can such a player suddenly change his style of play where he tries to score more winners rather than making his opponents commit unforced errors.As of now its okay for Nadal to play like this but over a period of years ,he could very well land with injuries which may shorten his career.So its sensible that he changes his style of play that is more attacking landing more winners in his shots

At this stage its very difficult to change style of play for Nadal. He is a defensive player and he forces opponents to make unforced errors. Its a tactic that is working for him now coz he is fit and healthy and have lots of stamina. But we already know Rafa has a problem with his legs for which he pulled out of a few tournaments in 2007-2008. So, its not gonna be easy for him to keep winning with his defensive play especially on unforgiving hard courts.

He can improve in some areas. He might just come to the nets more often in hardcourt matches to end the points quickly. But I dont think Nadal or for that matter any player can turn a complete 360 and start playing like Federer. Federer’s skill and grace is unmatched by any player in history.

Style Play

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