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How do I edit or stick two separate Mp3 files together?

I wanted to stick Parabol and Parabola together so I can upload them to a myspace music account and they will upload to that as one track, can anyone tell me how to edit the two songs together?

My friend,

There is a lot of software could help you to jioner your mp3 file together.

By my suggestion, Cool MP3 Splitter & Joiner can aide your job perfectly, and the most important is FREE for use!

Key Features of Cool MP3 Splitter:

Split a larger MP3 file to two or more smaller mp3 files. It supports splitting by selection, time and size.

Join MP3s !
You can use Cool MP3 Splitter to join mp3 files to make a longer piece of music.

You can get it here:

Best wish

G.X Lee

Stick Two

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