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HELP!!! perfume:”Cologne for Men Eau De Parfum Spray (EDP)” means?

I known that “cologn” and “Eau De Parfum”–>difference
So, can u tell me,what does “Cologne for Men Eau De Parfum Spray (EDP)” mean???
By the way, do you the about “Jeanne Arthes”? (Boum)
It’s cheap (very important because i’m student!) But i dont know : how long does it stay with me?
Thanks you !

EDP means Eau de Parfum, which is a higher concentration of aromatic compounds than Eau de Toilette.

Eau de Parfum typically has a concentration of 15% aromatic compounds, where as Eau de Toilette typically has a concentration of 10%.

As far as the Jeanne Arthes fragrances go, and how long they stay with you, you would have to be more specific as to which exact fragrance you are looking to purchase, and at which concentration. Jeanne Arthes has at least 20 different fragrances.

Spray EDP
Spray EDP

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