Six Hugo

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Do you think Obama knew Ayers raised a terrorists friends son who became an intern to Hugo Chavez?

Does it surprise anyone? The friend killed three Brinks security men leaving their six children fatherless.
He is in jail now

I am not one bit surprised! I believe you with no doubts at all! This is who Obama associates with and if he is elected, the whole world will find out that everything Obama refuses to talk about is because it’s true. Do you want to see this? Youtube has deleted tons of videos that would be incriminating to Obama. Watch this if it’s still there.… God bless America!
GUESS WHAT? I decided to check out my video source and they deleted it! OMGosh! Corruption abounds, my friend, and America is the target! I found a couple more, but you better try to look fast before they get deleted, too!

Six Hugo

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