Shimmer Body Mist

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body shimmering mist?

i am looking for a body shimmer/bronzer type spray and i dont want to spend too much money for one. thnks!

look in the fake tan section in boots/superdrug as quite a few of these now have a shimmering effect built in

if you cant find something affordable try true glow radiant shimmer spray by avon. you can order it from the avon catalogue (there will be someone who gives these out in your area) or look here

ive used this before and its a bit of a bargain! doent give you a bronzed look though

or anther option (this really is cheap but it isnt a spray) is to get some really fine glitter and vaseline
melt the vaseline in the microwave or on the hob and mix a tiny tiny amount of the glitter in. let it set again (in the tub obviously) and then when its set you will be able to rub it all over for a nice shimmery look

Shimmer Body Mist
Shimmer Body Mist

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