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Is Edge Shaving gel ok to use to shave you pubic reign?

I want to shave my pubic reign and I want to make sure that I do things right. What materials do I need? Can a Gillette razor be used? I also want to know if I can use edge shaving gel or does it have to be a shaving cream? I would also appreciate any tips, please.

OK > if you want to get rid of the bush, first trim up with scissors. You can do the job while sitting on the crapper & flush the hair away. Next, take a shower, wash your pubes good, & then with your back to the water, use whatever shaving cream you have –it doesn’t matter what brand you use. You want to be especially careful shaving your scrotum & penis > it would help to have an erection to get rid of the loose skin. Shave down on your shaft & rinse frequently in the streaming water. You may have to shift hands to do both sides, so it helps if you don’t have the shakes. You also want to lift up your scrotum & shave under there.

Now, if you want to also do the triangular region above your penis, proceed to that area next. And then your upper legs after that. The hair will continue to grow back, so you’ll need to redo everything every couple of days if you want a smooth look. Otherwise, a once a week redo will work when you shower.

And no, it won’t make your cock look bigger. But it will make you look like a prepubescent boy. But if no one else but you will see it, who cares?

Shave Gel

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