Sexy Hot Perfume

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Whats a sexy and hot fragrance perfume for a teenage girl?(under 40 dollars).?

i wanna by myself a perfume that ssmells sexy and attractive but i don’t want it to be more that 40 dollors. i like to have a perfume that the smell stays for hours, you know some fragrances make you to stop and just smell that person cause it smells so nice? well. i want the same thing. i am a teenager so i don’t like a very chic smell u know. one of my favorites is the britney spears “control curious” which smell nice, but is there anything hotter?(and sorry for misspellings)

i love this fragrance.

it’s called “cool” by Ralph Lauren

also try “sunset heat” by Escada

or “with love” by Hilary Duff.
that should go for around $22 at your local Walmart.
or “paris hilton” by none other than Paris Hilton.

jeez… i could go on and on and on! 🙂

Sexy Hot Perfume
Sexy Hot Perfume

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