Sex Pheromone

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cats attracted to human sex pheromone?

When ever me and my girl friend have sex or I masturbate when we/I have finished my pet cat appears! Now up until recently I have just thought he must hear the noise or see us moving and come to us in pure curiosity. However It just seems so ironic that he always appears right after we/I have finished. Why is that? Is he attracted to the human sex pheromone? or is it just the sound and/or movement? If it is the sound/movement why is it he only apears afterwards?

I have also had the same problem!!! Every cat I have had has done this. I notice it more with cats that are older than one year. My orange tabby always comes in after my boyfriend and I have sex. She comes right in after we open the door for air or to wash up. It must be the smell. She will jump right in the bed and sniff at the source. We have to shoo her out. It can be hard to get her out sometimes. She will start scratching on the door frantically to get in too. She seems especially affectionate with my boyfriend too! Cats must smell testosterone or something.

Sex Pheromone

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