Secret Love Women’s Fragrance

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Perfumes of Pink Sugar, Pink and Love in Paris

Author: Marcia Henin

Most of the perfumes have Rose as a basic fragrance in them, whereas different kinds of chemicals take away the natural fragrance away from them.


Floral fragrances contain a combination of Jasmine and Rose. Cola gives a perfume the fragrance of a natural scent.


Perfumes of Pink:


Victoria Secret introduced perfumes of pink. They have a floral fragrance for present-day women with bright shades of confidence, modernity and sparkle. The scents of perfumes of pink have a blend of Artemisia, Neroli flower, peony, freesia, bergamot and Mandarin. The scents of pink perfumes have the fragrance of leaves of Violet, Juniper Berry and Muguet. Pink perfumes have a perfect blend for evening and special occasions.


Love in Paris Perfume:


Love in Paris has the notes of bergamot, apricot, jasmine, star anise, peony, musk, vanilla and wood. In the beginning, the fragrance of bergamot comes with a slight surprise. People will not get an idea where the fragrance is emerging from, as suddenly it gives a scent of fresh fruit of citrus. After sometime, it gives a musky and wood flower type of fragrance that is not sweet. Love in Paris perfume is a great name, as it has a warm, cheerful, and youthful feel to it. It is not meant for kids or children. It has a smoky and pensive feel to it. It reminds of the Gauloises scent of the scarf bought home during school days. It has a lot of floral scent to it.


Pink Sugar Perfume:


Pink sugar perfume has a scent of cotton candy. People’s skin differs, as the sweat and humidity on skin make them smell unhealthy. The cotton candy fragrance of Pink sugar perfume helps in overcoming the bad smell. This perfume leaves people with the scent of vanilla and amber for about thirty minutes.


These perfumes are not an ideal for official purpose, especially people who deal with patients of chemotherapy need to avoid spraying too much of this perfume. Some people like Pink sugar perfume so much that they cannot resist using it time after time.

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Secret Love Women’s Fragrance
Secret Love Women’s Fragrance

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