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The use of perfumes and incense in our history is an old one. The word ‘per’ = by means of, and ‘fumum’ = smoke, relate to its association with man’s first use of fire. Certainly it is known that resinous woods were burnt by early man both in homes and caves and in religious rites in temples and groves.

Of our five senses, the olfactory sense is the most subtle and difficult to define but it plays a large role in our well being, both in our physical health as well as the subtler psychological and spiritual well being.

Most people may value perfume only as an addition to their personal toiletry. We also can appreciate it on others or enjoy a pleasing scent in the garden or the general atmosphere. But perfume possesses other specific qualities not so quickly recognized. Aromas affect our quality of life both by the additional of beautiful perfumes or by the destructive nature of chemical or traffic fumes. These bad odours cause reactions on our nervous systems and respiratory systems in a negative way, intensifying nervous tension both physical and psychological.

Inhalation of pleasant perfumes and flower essences of natural origin have a positive enjoyable result, stimulating the sense of well being, so fundamental to our psyche in protecting us from disease, physical and mental. In addition, it is found that perfumes of natural essences and essential oils can counteract negative states of the body and mind and are therefore proving to be effective ‘medicine’ for many ills.

The subtle nature of perfume is beginning to be appreciated through the science of Osmics. Aromatherapy is now a common therapeutic option and is included as one of the modalities used in natural therapies and entering tentative application in orthodox medical science and psychology.

Burning incense sticks is now commonplace in western as well as customary in eastern societies. Care should be used with modern synthetics as harmful effects can sometimes occur from some chemical ingredients used in their production. We can only expect anticipated benefits if we use the natural essential oils and aromatics.

Not only personal use of perfume, but appropriate quality fragrances released into the atmosphere through burning as incense offer a wonderful influence in any environment.

Aromatherapy or the science of Osmics is proving immensely popular when applied in self help or in professional healing. It is a delightful way to employ natural perfumes to assist mood and mind states and is particularly helpful as an adjunct to relaxation techniques and stress relief.

As important as the absorption of natural essential oils through massaging into the skin is the vital intake of energy through olfaction and direct absorption to the brain with inhalation. Whereas the popular concept of aromatherapy is associated with massage and relaxation, inhalation of perfumes offers exciting extended possibilities of affecting and benefiting the whole psyche – our mind, moods and nervous system.

Perfumes, music, gemstones and other subtle healing methods have a rightful place alongside the more regularly employed techniques used in naturopathic treatment and spiritual healing.

Secret Garden Perfume
Secret Garden Perfume

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