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Up until a couple of years ago I was rather new to lotion bars. Instead, if I was going to apply moisturizer to my skin it always came in either a tube or jar. But then, after shaking hands with a friend and commenting on how incredibly soft and smooth her skin felt she let me in on her secret: lotion bars! 

A lotion bar is ‘concentrated nourishment’ for your skin – typically concentrated oils and butters with little or no added water.  So a 1.5 to 2 oz. bar is typically equivalent of at least 8 oz. of regular lotion. Once on it feels dramatically different then lotion because of the concentrated ingredients.  Not only will it feel as if your skin has had a deep, nourishing spa treatment – its effects will lasts for hours and hours.

Using a lotion bar is a bit different. You need to put it between your palms so that the heat of your body softens it. Then you can rub it directly on your body. It will take about 2 minutes until you feel its affect because the lotion needs to soak into your skin. Don’t worry if the bar breaks – just use the smaller pieces until you use up every last little bit of the bar.

When giving them as beauty favors look for lotions that list natural ingredients such as shea butter, jojoba oil and vitamin E as their main ingredients.  Also look for lotion bars that allow you to personalize the labels to your specific celebration.

Once you and your guests try a lotion bar you won’t want to stop using this luxurious skin treatment.

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Deb Rosenberg is a party consultant and can’t say enough wonderful things about the deeply moisturizing personalized lotion bar favors offered at

Secret Garden Lotion
Secret Garden Lotion

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