Secret Breathless Perfume

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Victoria’s Secrets “Breathless” perfume?

Has anyone ever tried it? How does it smell? I was thinking of buying some for my wife for Valentines day. Would she like it? She really doesn’t wear perfume alot. She is the mother of 4 kids and doesn’t take time for herself like she should. I was trying to find something to make her feel pretty. She is a very beautiful woman. Thanks for your answers in advance!

i have no idea how it smells like. but i suggest you go to the store and sample it. or go to a maceys or sears and sample the perfume and ask for some help. they have a large varity of perfumes.

since she duzn’t use perfume that much, then why get it? why not get her jewelry or a romantic night out w/o the kids.

if i were you, i would take her to the spa so she can get pampered, since she duznt take time for herself. i know it sounds a bit pricey, but who could put a price on love.

Secret Breathless Perfume
Secret Breathless Perfume

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