Scented Oil for Candles

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For additional touch of elegance and romance in the bedroom or living room, some people would light scented candles. It’s not only the light from the candles that makes a room gloomy; the fragrance, as well, brings out some scents that stimulate romantic feelings within the emotions of the persons inside the room.

If you want to make scented candles, it is better if you will use fragrance oil instead of using water-based or alcohol-based perfume. Since candle waxes are chemically similar to oil in composition, they would blend easily; unlike with water-based perfumes, the scent will only stay on the bottom of the candle where the liquid usually stay when combined with candle waxes.

The fragrance of the oil-based scented candles is perfect in setting a relaxed mood because when you light the candle, the fragrance will spread out throughout the room and even when the candles are not lit anymore, the fragrance will still be there. This is why candles are ideal for gift items at any occasion, and whoever receives it will really notice and appreciate its smell right away. If you have plans of giving scented candles as gifts, you can make it extra ordinary by making it yourself. Creating handmade scented candles is the same as creating ordinary candles. You have to determine first the kind of wax that you will prefer to use for the candles. Among the common choices for wax are the soy, beeswax, palm, paraffin, and gel wax. Most candles are made of paraffin wax. But if you prefer to use gel wax, better get the gel wax with higher density because it holds more fragrance than the one with lower density.

The procedures in making the candle start by melting the wax with a double boiler, a large boiler and a smaller one. Put the wax on the smaller one and put it on top of the larger one filled with water. Never heat the pot of wax directly on the stove because it will burn. Boil the boiler under hot temperature of 170 to 180 degrees. While heating the wax, put the wick on the mold, and when the wax is melted, pour the scented oil according to proportion, usually one ounce of oil per one pound of wax. Avoid mixing too much scented oil because it will create more liquid, less wax candles and may cause the candle not to burn due to high amount of liquid. Add color if desired and stir the melted wax. When the mixture is all set, pour it on the candle molds and let it dry for the rest of the day. Keep track of the amount of oil, wax, and color used for the mixture and be creative in inventing new scents for the candles based on the record. If you think you need to add additional drops of oil to create strong scents for the next batch of candles, feel free to do it as long as the wax content remains in proper balanced.

There are varieties of colors and scents that you can choose from in making your own handmade scented candles. The recipients of your gift of candles would surely appreciate these little gifts especially if it will stimulate relaxation and calmness in their tired body and soul. So come on, do it now and be proud of your own creations of handmade scented candles.

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Scented Oil for Candles
Scented Oil for Candles

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