Scented Fragrance Candles

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To have scented candles as gifts can be very expensive, given the package and overhead costs. Scented candles are becoming popular due to its favorable fragrance and aesthetic sense. However, if only you can try learning how to make it, then you can just make them and give tons of presents to family and friends.

What buyers normally want from scented candles is longevity of scent. On the contrary, the longer the fragrance is, the expensive the candle seems. For hobbyists and enthusiasts, knowing how to make it is like knowing the best apple pie recipe in town. For the more you take part in it, the more you will see its rewards.

First step is to buy the required materials. This list includes paraffin wax, thermometer, wick, pouring pot, oils and fragrance. Second, think of candle designs. From basic tapers to rectangular, it is best to come up with something unique or very simple as initial design. Third, melt the wax at an ideal temperature. It is best to not exceed the required temperature in melting paraffin wax. This can be done by having a thermometer as guide. It also helps if you will learn how to make scented candles with a pouring pot.

Fourth, add in some color to your melted wax. Apply this process slowly, as incorporating the proper shade can either result to a darker or lighter hue as your finished product. You can make use of powder or candle dye. You can also use chip color as coloring material. Fifth, it is also important to choose the right oil or fragrance. In learning how to make scented candles, fragrance is definitely the element that will set your products apart. You can try mixing in two oil fragrances for that personalized touch. More so, you can simply decide on citrus scents or flower-based fragrance.

Lastly, prepare the mold. Pour in the wax into your chosen container and make sure to affix the wick at the center of the mold. There are available containers with adhesive, to help you place the wick easier. Then let your candles cool.

For many, knowing how to make scented candles is like a big opportunity. It presents them the opportunity to reveal their creative side or pour whatever creative juices they have within. Hobbies such as handicrafts and candle making are worthy investments. For in the process, you are making good use of time and money. For beginners, learning the tricks and ways on how to make scented candles is like dealing with a new project. On the contrary, it is advisable to treat the activity as a likely experience.

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Scented Fragrance Candles
Scented Fragrance Candles

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