Scent Oil Candles

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Fragrances affect the entire atmosphere and ambiance of a room. It is not enough that one sees a soft candle light flickering in the dark. It is better if there is a scent to accompany it, as people always respond well to pleasing scents.

If you want to make your own scented candles, you can buy fragrance oils from home stores or craft and speciality shops. Make sure you check the labels very well so that you are really buying oil and not a scent that is water or alcohol based. Oil is the only one that works with candle wax.

Good quality scented candles produce a smell despite it not burning. Scented candles are a prime choice for gifts. You can make some at home as this adds a more personal effect to your presents. The first step to making scented candles at home is choosing the right type of wax for this.

Among your choices will be soy based wax, palm oil wax, beeswax, paraffin wax and the newer ones made from gel. Should you choose to make your own scented gel candles, the type of gel candles you need will depend on how much scent you want in your candle. The more scented your candle is, the heavier the density should be.

Next is the melting process. Melting the wax is done over a double broiler, never over direct heat. A good temperature is around seventy-six degrees celsius. Pour your melted wax over your cast of choice inside a mold with the wick positioned at the center.

After you turn off the stove, put the amount of scent you desire. The best ratio is one ounce of scented oil to one pound of wax. Putting too much scent in your candle will cause the receiver of your scented candle to get nauseous.

Apart from that, your candle is prevented from burning the right way as it will have way too much liquid. Thus, it is important to leave room for error. Chart your ratios with each try, so that you will know which ratio is best.

Add more flair to your candles by experimenting with colors as well. Personalize the scents and colors according to its intended recipient. This is perhaps one of the best gifts you will be giving out this year.

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Scent Oil Candles
Scent Oil Candles

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