Scent Candles

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Most likely you’ve seen beautiful scented candles at your favorite store for over $20. Did you know you can make great-smelling, long-lasting candles at home for no more than a few dollars? When you learn how to make scented candles you’re able to incorporate your own scents and colors into a candle that will look perfect in your home and create a comfortable and relaxing setting for you to enjoy. Here’s a guide to discover how to make scented candles yourself.

Are you wondering what you need to learn how to make scented candles at home? Wax is your main ingredient. Paraffin wax is the best type for candles and can be found at your grocery store. You’ll also need a wax pouring pot (a metal pot with a handle), a wax thermometer, a candle wick, liquid color, a mold and, of course, a scent! You can get scents in different forms, such as liquid or solid. While liquid is a bit trickier to use, it lasts longer and smells stronger.

Now, design your candle, choosing the shape, color and scent. Pillar candles are the easiest to make and pillar molds are also very easy to find. You can also special order a variety of molds, from circles to characters to shapes like flowers. The sky is the limit when it comes to candle shape!

The next step is deciding how you’ll melt the wax. Try to use a heat source that can be cleaned if you should spill wax on it. Hot plates are commonly used because you can scrape the wax off the surface, use it anywhere you choose, and don’t have to worry about wax on your kitchen cooking source.

Now melt the wax. Place the wax in the pouring pot, clip the thermometer on the side and let the wax melt, never letting the temperature rise above 300 degrees F. After the wax has melted add your color. If you’re using chip color use about one full diamond chip per pound of wax. After the color is stirred and mixed, add your scent. Use one ounce of liquid scent per pound.

Ready the mold when you’re prepared to begin. Add the wick to the bottom of the mold and tie the top of the wick to something long, like a spoon. Pour the wax into the mold very slowly, tapping the side to release bubbles. Let the wax cool, adding more wax if the candle sinks.

Once your candle is completely cool, take it out of the mold. Cut the wick off of the bottom of the candle and trim the top. Now you’ve learned how to make scented candles by yourself! Never spend money at the store buying expensive scented candles again now that you can make beautiful candles yourself for a fraction of the cost. Thanks for reading and learning more about making your own candles.

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Come to the site and look around. Lots of good information. Also a Free Mini-Course, for anyone wanting more knowledge about making candles at home.

Scent Candles
Scent Candles

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