Sage Essential Oils

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Please Help Me! How should i use Sage and Rosemary essential oils for memory improvement?

I got Salvia Sclarea type of Sage, and Rosemary essential oil.
I want to have more concentration for studying, more memory, do you know how do i use it the herbs above for this purpose?
Does any of you know other ways of improving memory with herbs?
Thank you.
Has any of you used these herbs to increase concentration?

1) Gingko Biloba Extract seems to be the supplement that has the greatest impact on memory improvement. The effect that Ginkgo Biloba has on a body is that it improves the blood flow through out your body as well as your brain.
Blood is actually, among other things, an oxygen transportation tool for your body and when your brain has regular, steady oxygen supply it functions much better.
Combine wheat germ oil with ginkgo biloba. Ginkgo biloba stimulates cerebral circulation and oxygenation, and improves mental clarity, alertness and memory by increasing blood flow in the small capillaries in the brain. Take 2-3 capsules daily.

2) Rosemary is also one of memory improvement supplements. Rosemarys effect is interesting in a way that it actually seems to stimulate the brain functions directly. Drinking a tea twice a day or capsules, follow instructions of bottle. One drop of essential oil on a cotton ball rubbed into the temples will help. 10 drops in a bath is also recommended.

3) Green tea – usually most of naturall supplements beneficial for memory improvement help with your overall health condition as well. Good example of this is green tea.
Green tea has over the last ten years emerged as natural help in curing many ailments and health problems. Green tea along with the Black tea is believed to have a helpful effect on brain functions and if consumed in moderate doses appears to be beneficial for memory improvement.

4) Ginseng is also related with memory improvement. Very often connected with significant energy improvement as well as overall body revitalization, Ginseng also seems to have a significant effect on memory improvement. Capsules 1 – 4 times a day. Follow instructions on bottle.

5)Evening Primrose Oil Evening primrose oil (two 500mg capsules three times daily) contains a hormone-like substance called gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), an essential fatty acid which is required for all brain functions.

6)Sage is beneficial for a weak memory or loss of memory. It acts on the cortex of the brain, relieves mental exhaustion, and strengthens the ability to concentrate. Using 1 teaspoon of the dried leaves per cup of water. Some people report irritation and dryness of the mouth after consuming sage tea, so be cautious about using it too frequently. One drop of essential oil on a cotton ball rubbed into the temples will help.

7)Almonds are a powerful restorative for a poor memory. They contain unique properties to strengthen the brain. Almonds preserve the vitality of the brain and cure nervous disorders. Ten to twelve almonds should be immersed in water overnight and their outer skin removed. They should then be made into a fine paste and taken, mixed with one teaspoonful of butter or even alone. Inhaling ten to fifteen drops of almond oil through the nose, morning and evening, is also beneficial in the treatment of memory loss.

8)Walnuts are another unique dry fruit valuable in countering memory loss. About twenty grams of walnuts should be taken every day. The value of walnuts is enhanced if they are taken with figs or raisins in a proportion of ten grams each, every day.

9)Apples and other phosphorus-rich fruits such as figs, grapes, oranges, and dates are useful in restoring memory. Various chemical substances like vitamin B1, phosphorus, and potassium help in the synthesis of glutamic acid. This acid controls the wear and tear of nerve cells. Eating an apple a day with one teaspoon of honey and one cup of milk is beneficial in the treatment of loss of memory and mental irritability. It acts as an effective nerve tonic and recharges the nerves with new energy and life.

Sage Essential Oils
Sage Essential Oils

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