Rose Fragrance

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how do you get the fragrance of rose petals with vegetable shortening?

i want to make a fragrance and it says that i can get the scent out of rose petals using vegetable shortening so i assume i have to melt it.
then what do you do with the shortening to make it into an oil or perfume?

Mix fresh rose petals with your shortening (no, don’t melt it – just soften it). Place in the fridge for a day or so, take out the petals (before they start to rot and stink) and you will have rose-scented shortening.

What you do with that is another matter.

Actually, it’s less trouble and probably better to buy rose water.

The roses you need are the really highly perfumed species roses, not the hybrid tea roses which one commonly buys.

Rose Fragrance
Rose Fragrance

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