Rose Essential Oils

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Are Geranium and Geranium Rose essential oils the same thing?

I need to get Geranium essential oil for an aromatherapy blend that I’m making. The site I normally buy from only has “geranium rose” essential oil.

Are they the same thing?


As an FYI…This oil should arguably be called Pelargonium. The true Geranium plant, Geranium macrorrhizum, a common plant native to the Balkans that is distilled to produce an oil called Zdravetz

There are hundreds of species of Pelargonium with thousands of varieties. The Pelargoniums readily cross and hybridize, creating a myriad of related plants. Botanical nomenclature is far from reliable. Rose Geranium is just one of the many. It is sightly Rosy in fragrance, there are Chocolate geraniums, Lemon, etc… . The Rose Geranium has an application in skin care products because it reduces the secretion of the oil glands, encourages drainage of the lymphatic system and encourages healing. It can be added to a powdered clay and used in the feet or in shoes to treat fungus. The smell is uplifting and reduces stress and anxiety.

Geranium essential oil is used topically as an astringent and as an additive to skin applications for broken capillaries, burns and for couperose skin. It encourages cellular regeneration and wound healing. Is often employed in a massage oil for cellulite, engorged breasts, to encourage lymphatic drainage or edema. Used as an inhalant to stimulate the adrenocortico glands, as an antidepressant and to reduce anxiety and stress.

Consider what your blend is for to determine if the Rose Geranium is a suitable substitute. It likely is.
Good luck and I hope you enjoy the blend.

Rose Essential Oils
Rose Essential Oils

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