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How many sprays of Rochas Man should I use?

I just got a new cologne, Rochas Man, and I really like it. It has a sweet, vanilla, coffee, sandalwood type smell that I really love. I’ve heard great things about it and have gotten several compliments already. However, I’m not sure how many sprays to use. The night I got it, I used one full spray on my neck and was practically suffocated by it. I even had to scrub to get the smell off in the shower. I’ve heard it’s long lasting. Well today I wore it to church, and only sprayed part of a pump kind of slowly so as not to overdo it. Only, I noticed that I could barely even smell it a few hours later. This happened with my Abercrombie cologne too—the first day I got it, I nearly suffocated with 1 spray, but ever since I’ve had trouble smelling it.
So would 2 sprays be overdoing it? How many are generally used with a strong scented cologne? I usually apply to my neck, but is this not a good place?

Ok well I’m a girl so everything I do is with perfume but what my friends and I spray 4-6 sprays in the air directly in front of us and then walk through the mist. This must be accomplished fast or else you won’t smell like the cologne but this technique will make your entire body smell lightly of the cologne and it will not be overpowering. The reason you cannot smell the cologne after wearing it, even once is because your nose “stores” it so you become used to it. If you really want to know if you smell like the cologne have a friend or family member tell you

Rochas Man

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