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The most decisive in the world of fashion, Marcel Rochas is a French designer who crafts and manufactures a myriad of products for the fashion market. Reports and stories have it that Rochas has been operating business acumen and a particular cultural technique that prevented him from losing his interest with haute couture. He designed a variety of fashion clothing, but he primarily values his lines of fragrances knowing that thousands of people are looking for it.

Rochas first came out in the fashion scene when he released his tailleur that intentionally was made available with supple skirts. The production of these kinds of items continued for quite some time, but in 1942, the House of Rochas offered a new set of corset to allow people to create their wasp-waist. One good thing about Marcel Rochas is that he values originality on all of his works.

From corset collections, Rochas offered its very own ready to wear clothing items. All of the products were sold in his New York fashion store. It is interesting to know that as what Rochas has claimed, he was said to be the original inventor of the word “slacks”. He also coined the term flannel slacks, which is but identified these days as part of a suit.

He also introduced a highly revolutionary line of trousers. The clothing he has been offering are all originally invented, but what really matters for Rochas up to this moment is the quality and originality of the products he creates.

As a professional fashion designer, Marcel Rochas pays great attention particularly to two parts of the body, the shoulder and the arms. This preference is evident in all of his clothing designs in which the sleeves are all well-decorated in coats and suits. However, realizing the pressure of being a fashion designer, Marcel Rochas decided to surrender all the heavy burdens that his haute couture collections once incurred.

The company then started working with separates, not just in accessories, but his perfumes are not that well known in Paris due to lots of perfumery houses already built to distribute fragrances. Parfums Rochas S.A was exactly the main company that handles the rapidly growing people’s interest with fragrances.

Marcel Rochas died in 1955 without fully achieving the real product of his designs and marketing efforts. Regardless of that, Rochas was able to prove himself as one of the leading perfumers and fashion designers in the whole France. His company was taken over by some of his family members who have contributed their efforts in making the release of Rochas perfumes a success.

Today, the name Rochas is viewed synonymous with evocative scents. Both men and women are allowed to use the Rochas perfumes depending on which product is made for which. Years following the rise of the company’s perfumes, Darmstadt was able to hold Rochas back.

He focused on couture, but all the efforts that Marcel Rochas exerted to make everything perfect are overshadowed by the rise of several other product lines in the fashion industry. It was only in 2001 when the House of Rochas started seeking recognition for the great line of apparels it offers.

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Rochas Fragrance
Rochas Fragrance

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