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What is near the Paris Marriott Rive Gauche Hotel & Conference Center?

I’ll be staying at the Paris Marriott Rive Gauche Hotel & Conference Center in July. Are there any sidewalk cafes within walking distance? I also would like to ride on the double decker bus that takes you to all the tourist attractions. Is there a stop for that bus close? Thanks for the help.

I haven’t visited yet, but have been doing some research. It appears that there are good bakeries and cafes nearby. I looked at the reviews on tripadvisor.com, and many of them indicated that there are good eating establishments within walking distance.

There is a good website for the double decker buses – http://www.carsrouges.com/content/index.php

It looks to me like you may have to take the Metro to get to the starting point, but again, from the reviews I’ve read the Metro is easy to use, and there are two stops within a couple of blocks either direction out the front of the hotel.

The guidebook “Fodor’s See It Paris” 3rd Edition is where I got the double decker bus info.

Our visit will be in November. Let me know how it goes. I hope this was helpful.


Rive Gauche

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