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Richly Scented Candles: A Brief History

Author: Tara Smith

The history of candles dates back in time as far as B.C. and, their values are an important part of religious rites that are followed by many religions then and now.

Buddhism, Catholicism, Hinduism, Judaism and many other religions use candles as part of their daily worship. So it is believed that the history certainly has been around before Christ.

The manufacturing of them has changed a great deal over the years. When candles were first observed to be in use, it is believed that the most common ingredient in use was tallow. However, that is not the case today in the manufacturing of candles. The most common ingredient used today is paraffin, however, is not the only element being used.

Before the invention of electricity in the 1700’s, the candle was the most commonly used form of light outside of the kerosene lamp. It played a tremendous roll in our history because all reading and sight had to be done through the lighting of candles, at night. Back in the 1700 and 1800 hundreds slaves, in America, who wanted to learn to read, often had to learn by candlelight at night because it was forbidden and kerosene set off to much light if they did not want to be discovered.

Chandeliers, in the past, were more commonly used to hold candles as opposed to today’s bulbs. The chandeliers which held the candles set off a more romantic or mellow effect as does the bright bulbs in use today. Many people are returning to this source for lighting effect and the along with the less electricity usage. They are discovering the cost effectiveness of candles is just a complimentary portion of the use of candles as a whole.

Candles were used in Northern Europe as a source of light, up until the early 1900 hundreds. They were one of the last cultures to conform to the use of electricity, as a source of light, then most of the world.

Back in the 1800’s it was thought that to produce a better-quality of candle would be to use the sperm of a whale. However, this was an expensive and rare ingredient to come across, although it did produce a superior candle.

Eventually paraffin was introduced as a much cheaper chemical form to use in the production of candles. So this made it a very popular ingredient in the making of them. The profession of a candle producer is called a Chandler. It might appear to many as an easy task, but it is not. You are dealing with hot wax over 700 degrees in Fahrenheit and this could be extremely dangerous at times.

Throughout history, there are very few, if any, parts of the world that have not used candles at one time or another. Events, engagements, etc. had to take place at night and the ability to see had to be accommodated. This is really what made candles play such a strong role in our history and this role cannot be ignored. Without the use of candles many things that were invented or discovered may not have never took place without the ability to see and that is what made candles of such an important use.

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Richly Scented Candles
Richly Scented Candles

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