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Essential oils instead of Methotrexate?

Early next week im having to take Methotrexate to help terminate my unknown pregnancy. This havent been good for a few weeks and i’m being told i could be in a life threatening situation if we dont act fast.
With this drug, there are many side effects that come with it, as with most drugs.
Me myself prefer on a daily basis to take the more natural approach to ailments etc and use either Reiki healing or homeopathical remedes and essential oils.
As it happens the thought of using the essential oils that pregnancy women are to stay well clear of in my bath today crossed my mind.
Miscarriage can be brought on if certain oils are used. I did this in all good intention and would like this to be resolved in a more natural way. I hope you can see where im coming from in this. Obviously i will take the Methotrexate if i need to, but prehaps with the help of the oils, it may be pushed along this way. I leave it in the hands of them upstairs. They know whats to happen.x
My reason is, is that ive been under the hospital for 4 weeks now. They can not find where the pregnancy is and ive even had surgery for them to find it. Still nothing. I would never in a million years want to abort my child ive been trying for,for years if i wasnt in this situation. Im hating every min of this and just want a baby of my own…x
Im in the Uk and its the NHS that is offering me this.

i’m so sorry for your situation. you could try the oils but there are no guarantees and perhaps under this situation with it being life threatening you actually need something that’s guaranteed.

I hope you get my point. this is one of those situations where perhaps drugs, and all their side effects, is the right choice.

only you can decide. take care

Reiki Essential Oils
Reiki Essential Oils

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