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Match the Right Perfume Scent to the Right Woman

Author: Catherine Tyler

Women are fickle minded creatures. Take for example shopping, an activity almost all women love to do. A woman can spend an entire hour or two in shoe stores trying to decide on which pair of shoes among the hundreds of pairs will she buy and in the end just get out empty handed. Got the point?

Similarly, looking for the perfect gift for a woman is not an easy task. Settle on a dress, “Will she like it?” or “Will she fit in it”? Decide on a handbag, “Will she like the design and style” or “What if she no longer likes handbags”? Do you see it all now?

When buying for the perfect gift for a woman, instead of making a list of the really common gifts, such as clothes, head over to the perfumer section instead of a store instead. Soothe your nerves and her senses by giving her something that is relaxing, simple and personal. The only catch here is that you need to choose the right scent for her. Take note that all women are different from each other; meaning that not all women are into the same floral scents.

Floral Scents

The problem with men is that whenever they think of women, they think of flowers. As I said, not all women are into the queen of the plant world. However, there are women who do like these scents, and they are the ones who are into the girly stuff. Just to make it safe, though, ask your lady what her favorite flower is or just plainly observe if she likes flowers or wears perfume or cologne with floral top notes.

Fruity Scents

These usually are the ones which smell fresh and light without giving you a heady feeling. The most common fruit scents are: apple (red or green), watermelon, citrus, mint, strawberry, cherry, and all the other berries. Most of the time, the women who love perfumes with fruity top notes (the main and dominating scent in the perfume mix) are the ones who are carefree by nature. But since you can never be too sure with women, take a breath of her favorite toiletries, and for sure, you’ll get an idea.

Spicy Scents

These scents often are a bit heavy than the other two listed above, it also gives the wearer an instant calm to the senses. One of the very common top notes under this scent is tea, may it be green or white or spiced up. The women who usually wear perfumes with these scents are the ones who are not that keen of the gender roles. They are usually not the ultra feminine, nor the boyish, type of women. To make it a bit easier for you on this one: it is usually worn by women who love to participate in sports while at the same time do some womanly chores (such as cooking) once in a while.

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Red Tea Perfume
Red Tea Perfume

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