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Crocs for Men – Stylish Fashion

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Sandals are not just for women anymore and if any brand has proved that beyond a shadow of a doubt, Crocs for men have. This soft comfortable shoe was first unveiled at a Florida boat show where they promptly sold out of the 200 pairs they were displaying. From that point on Crocs for men, women and children have become a phenomenon.

Crocs have a revolutionary design that offers men many of the things they want in a casual shoe, comfort and style being the main two. The shoes are made of a proprietary foam resin, which is made from ethylene vinyl acetate. This foam allows the shoe to form to the wearer’s feet creating a soft custom feel to the shoe.

Overwhelming interest in the shoes led the company to develop off road Crocs that are marketed specifically to men. Moving away from the bright feminine colored shoe, Croc created a line that includes hunter green, black, camouflage, and dark red varieties. Off road Crocs also offer a more rugged sole for different types of terrain while retaining the no scuff quality that makes them perfect for indoor wear as well.

Crocs are not just for summer fun anymore, and men will appreciate the varied uses the company has come up with. Podiatrists have recommended the Croc shoe for patients with a variety of foot problems. Take for instance the custom cloud variety; these were created to offer optimum comfort for diabetes patients while protecting their feet from injury.

While we are on the topic of the medical field, you might be interested to know that Crocs has an entire line of RX Crocs. Nurses around the country are lining up to purchase these Crocs! The shoes are wonderfully comfortable and offer vent holes to keep your feet cool as you work. Customers cannot say enough good things about these shoes.

Ladies if you are thinking about shopping for a pair of Crocs for the man in your life and think he will find them ridicules, try a pair of Yukon Crocs with added leather. These shoes are supper stylish and if you can get him to try them on, he will never take them off.

Many people have had negative things to say about Crocs, but the majority have simply never tried a pair on. Despite the fact that they are a “plastic” shoe these are truly some of the most comfortable shoes you can find. People have reported working on their feet all day without a moment of pain.

Crocs for men are gaining in popularity all the time. Who doesn’t want a comfortable shoe that allows their feet to breathe? No more stinky, sweaty feet, and tired aching arches. Get the man in your life a pair of Crocs for men and he will forever thank you.

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