Red Door Perfume for Women

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Red Door Perfume??????? LOL?

My mother wears this perfume she has for as long as i can remember …and because of this ive linked this smell in my head and any other perfume that smells like this with older women…i was curious does anyone young wear this perfume????? or do you known anyone young who wears its?????

lol yer my mum had a thing for red door for years, every year someone in our family would get it her for crimbo because she always ran out, i used to borrow some of her years ago when i was a teen! but i dont wear it now lol, it is generally for the older peeps out there i would have thought…elzibeth arden’s products are i think directed to the older people, i dont know anyone young who wears anything elizabeth arden except like make-up products

Red Door Perfume For Women
Red Door Perfume For Women

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