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How do I set the date on a Kenneth Cole Reaction watch?

I have a Kenneth Cole (brand) Reaction (model) men’s watch and I can’t figure out how set the date on it. Normally with a watch the dial on the right side will pop out to different lengths, one for time, one for date, one for day of the week, etc. The dial on this watch only pops out to one length, for the time. Anyone know how to set the date? Anyone that has the same or similar watch?
Okay, the first click point sets the day of the month and the second sets the time, but I need to set the day of the week as well and there are no more click points. Help!

the winder has two click points … pull out to the 1st click point to set the date. Pull out to the 2nd click point to set the time.

Reaction Kenneth

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